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Security Forces Foil Massive Attack in Ghazni

26 Mar 2020 Middle East Press

KABUL (MEP) – Ghazni security forces in a search operation identified and foiled a car bomb near province’s center. Afghan forces discovered and seized the car bomb, when the attackers attempted to move it to Ghazni city. Ghazni Press Office says the vehicle has been found to contain 162 packet of ammonium nitrite, 39 mine controllers, 2,500 firecrackers, and 150 m of explosive wire. “Seizing the amount of explosives, police successfully foiled the bloody attack in Ghazni,” statement added. Ghazni is one of the insecure provinces of Afghanistan that often witnesses bloody explosions. نوشته Security Forces Foil Massive Attack in Ghazni اولین بار در English - Middle East Press. پدیدار شد.

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