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Abdullah says Ghani's response to US aid cut 'irresponsible'

26 Mar 2020 1TV News

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was on Thursday accused by his political rival Abdullah Abdullah of responding irresponsibly to the United States's cutting of aid by $1 billion due to their leadership feud.

Earlier, Ghani had said that his government would fill the gap through other sources.

On Wednesday, he instructed authorities to reduce deadline of a plan to save $1 billion in security sector from three years to two years.

Abdullah suggested filling the gap through other sources was not realistic.

"It is an irresponsible behaviour toward people as the aid is for the people. It is not for one or two persons. Cutting the aid could affect health, education, infrastructure, energy sectors," Abdullah said at a press conference.

"This means - we will continue to our obstinacy and you will cut your aid, cut more if you wish to - and I don't see it as a responsible behaviour," Abdullah said.

Earlier, Ghani said that Abdullah was demanding an arrangement and a structure which was against the Constitution.

Abdullah, however, said that his demand was not against the Constitution and he had shown full flexibility to resolve the crisis.

He said that he was ready for further talks to resolve the crisis and called on national personalities to step in.

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