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Taliban team to visit Kabul next week, meet with Afghan officials

26 Mar 2020 1TV News

A 37-member Taliban team will visit Kabul next week and will meet with Afghan officials to discuss the issue of prisoner releases, a source told 1TV on Thursday.

The sides are expected to discuss mechanism for release of their prisoners.

The sides have talked with each other for two times through video conference.

In the latest conference on Wednesday, the sides agreed prisoner releases by both sides will start on March 31, according to US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad who also attended the conference.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that they will send a technical verification team to Bagram prison in Afghanistan's Parwan province for identification, confirmation and release of prisoners according to the list already provided.

Afghanistan's National Security Council has also said that a Taliban team will meet with the government face-to-face in Afghanistan in the coming days. It said that subject to further discussions, and pursuant to president's decree, 100 prisoners will be freed on humanitarian grounds – including health, age and vulnerability to COVID-19 – by March 31 after guarantees by Taliban and the prisoners that they will not re-enter the fight.

Based on the US-Taliban deal, 6,000 prisoners including 5,000 held by the Afghan government and 1,000 held by the Taliban are expected to be released before intra-Afghan talks.

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