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Abdullah ready to mend fences with Ghani

26 Mar 2020 Pajhwok Afghan News


(Pajhwok): Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday called peace a priority and said he was ready to talk with President Ashraf Ghani on settling their differences.

Abdullah also said releasing Taliban

prisoners would help build trust for intra-Afghan talks and stressed controlling the coronavirus spread.

Differences between President Ashraf Ghani and former CEO Abdullah resurfaced after the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced Ashraf Ghani winner of presidential election.

Abdullah, who finished runner up in the presidential vote, did not accept the IEC

 decision and announced himself as president.

The presidential election was held on September 28. Based on initial results, Ashraf Ghani secured 50.64 percent of the votes while Dr. Abdullah Abdullah secured over 39 percent of total votes.

Earlier, the United States has voiced its disappointment at the failure of President Ashraf Ghani and former chief executive officer Dr. Abdullah to mend fences and form an inclusive government.

Ghani said he wanted to give Abdullah an important role in peace process and the cabinet, but Abdullah wanted creation of organizations and amending the Constitution which were in violation to the supreme law. He said his doors were open for negotiations.

On the other hand, Dr. Abdullah also in a conference today said that he was ready to talk with Ghani and settle their differences.

Abdullah said he tried to find a solution to the problem based on the constitution but Ashraf Ghani rejected his plan.

He said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Kabul was not for mediating.

“The US Secretary of State said they had no formula. Solving our political crisis is our own responsibility. He said the US’s aid would continue to Afghanistan

if we solve the crisis,” Abdullah said.

He added he met with Ghani after Pompeo’s visit and he showed flexibility towards solving the political crisis. “But the problem cannot be solved with the flexibility of one person, both sides should act responsibility,” he added.

Abdullah said that Ghani did not show any flexibility from his side. The Secretary of State statements showed the US would no longer give aid to Afghanistan, he said.

He announced he is ready to settle the problem by negotiations and said, “We are ready for dialogue for settling any problems, every sound mind suggests we should solve problems instead of adding to them.”

About Ghani’s statements to save $1 billion from other sources after the US announced cutting a similar amount of aid, Abdullah said “It is irresponsible to react superficially about filling the shortage of the fund from other sources. International aid is for people not for a person. Cutting foreign aid is not compensable and this situation is not in the interest of Afghans.”


Abdullah called peace a priority for the country and said efforts had been made in this regard.

He called prisoners’ release from government and Taliban sides as good for negotiations and asked the Taliban to announce ceasefire as a goodwill gesture and remove barriers to peace talks.


Abdullah said, “Corona is no longer a joke. Please take recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health

(MoPH) serious and stop spread of the virus by its prevention and we should help each other in this battle.”

He said that any country who neglected to control the virus had paid a higher price later. “There is possibility the virus may suddenly explode and affect high number of people”, he said, without giving details.


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