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'Kabul residents not cooperating in fight against corona virus'

28 Mar 2020 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) - On first day of lockdown, the Interior Ministry complained that Kabul residents are not cooperating in the fight against the corona virus.

Ministry of Interior officials urged Kabul residents to stay in their homes for up to three weeks and implement the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Marwi Amini, deputy sspokeswoman or the interior ministry, said the majority of Kabul residents do not take quarantine measures seriously, and do not act in line with the suggestions by the Ministry of Health.

She said that if citizens do not comply with the daily restrictions, the concerned offices responsible for preventing the spread of the corona virus will not be able to protect them.

The interior ministry also warned of use of force to implement the safety guidelines.

A number of Kabul residents also complained that the majority of residents in the capital do not take the situation seriously. Surging prices of basic items have also irked the residents.

Kabul Municipality spokeswoman, Narges Momand told Salam Watandar that efforts for price control will be ensured.

By Saturday, 110 people have been confirmed to get infected with the coronavirus in the country, and the results of some suspicious cases are unclear.

According to Interior Ministry reports, four people have died in Herat and Balkh provinces and five others have been recovered.


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