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Return from Iran with empty hands, broken back

29 Mar 2020 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) – Dawood has been struggling to survive and work for many years, but his broken back does not help him anymore.

In order to earn bread for his family, he eventually took the difficult and deadly paths of irregular migration, a path that has now made him a burden on his family.

In conversation with Salam Watandar, Dawood said he only got minor jobs in construction sector in Iran, and learned a bit of it.

Ten years ago, in his last irregular migration trip to Iran, his life was transformed, and the pain of that unfortunate incident still hurts him.

When he was on a construction site, Dawood fell down and severely injured his back. After being severly injured, he now regularly visits India and Pakistan for treatment of his back, and cannot even wear his cloths by him due to the severe pain.

He returned from Iran with a broken back and wretched body, and his only fortune remains a small piece of land inherited from his father. He goes to India and Pakistan by spending the money he got after selling this piece of land for treatment, but no doctor can cure Dawood’s pain.

Dawood is now paralyzed. He urges other youngsters not to risk their lives and health by choosing the deadly ways of irregular migration.

Mohammad Nasim, head of the directorate of refugees and repatriation in Faryab, told Salam Watandar that due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran, a flood of migrant workers has returned back to Faryab.

Zabihullah Javad, provincial head of the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission in Faryab, said in this regard that the smuggling of immigrants from Faryab and other provinces has led to surge in this phenomenon and increased the number of those leaving the country. He said the smugglers do not allow immigrants to decide on the type of travel and the future of their journey.

Talking to Salam Watandar, officials from the International Organization of Migration, said that from the beginning of this year until March 8, an estimated 85,000 people have entered the country from Iran and Pakistan alone, and they could have easily brought with them the novel coronavirus.


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