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COVID-19 cases hike to 239 in Afghanistan

02 Apr 2020 Ariana News

As per the updates, Herat registers 41 new cases of the Coronavirus – the highest number in a day – making a total of 180 confirmed cases in the province. The number includes patients with no travel history to Iran. Afghanistan now has 239 COVID-19 cases in total. The circulation of the virus in Herat is on the rise as, despite restrictions on movements, people go out not taking the threat seriously. Reportedly, people in parts of Herat came together to celebrated ‘Sizdah Bedar’, also known as Nature’s Day. In the meantime, the ministry of public health warns of an even rapid rise in the number of infected in the days ahead. In spite of the high threat of the Coronavirus in Herat, the healthcare services are poor as there is only one laboratory looking at the cases. Also, the budget allocated by the government to fight the Coronavirus in Herat has not been put to operation yet. Kabul too is severely threatened by the Coronavirus. Though several cases are being tested positive for the virus in the capital Kabul every day, neither the disease nor the restrictions on movements have been taken seriously by most of the residents. Having noted that, the real concern is: what if the inconsideration and the recklessness put us in a position where the control of the outbreak goes out of everybody’s hands? The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in all over Afghanistan, reported from 18 provinces, is now in the count of hundreds – 180 of the cases come from Herat, and over 10 from Kabul, marking the two provinces at the top of the table. According to reports, the virus has killed four people in Afghanistan while 10 others have recovered so far. In addition, social service groups and the police in Kabul, and some other provinces, have started disinfecting the cities to help eliminate the virus and restore the order.

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