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Out of the 80 infected people with the coronavirus, 28 have no records/history of traveling to Iran

02 Apr 2020 Government Media and Information Center

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: Of the 800 suspected samples of the coronavirus tested at the Herat Central Laboratories so far, 80 have been identified as positive. Most of these incidents are in Herat province.>

Five health workers also tested positive for coronavirus, including one in Kandahar and four others in Herat.

Dr. Fida Mohammed Paikan, Deputy Minister of Public Health for healthcare services, speaking on the series of daily press conferences on Coronavirus at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC), added: Out of 80 people infected with the Coronavirus across the country, 28 have no history of traveling to Iran or China, which means the virus has spread from somebody in the community.

The majority of people who have been infected with the coronavirus are reported from Herat province.

He said that these 80 positive coronavirus cases have so far been sampled from 29 provinces of the country and are sent for diagnosis to the MoPH’s laboratories.

Mr. Paikan added that the residents of Herat, Farah and Zaranj’s daytime outing and patrols have been restricted, in order to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus in these cities.

Expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation of many Kabul residents in following the recommendations and messages of the Ministry of Public Health, he once again urged the citizens to continue to follow the recommendations and messages in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and to go out only for essential works and stay in their homes.###

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