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Half of the country's population is likely to be infected with the Coronavirus if attention is not paid to the messages of the Ministry of Public Health

02 Apr 2020 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan: Waheed Omer, chairman of the State Committee for Public Awareness to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus and a senior adviser to the president, said at a joint news conference with the Minister of Public Health: "Fighting the coronavirus is a cross-sectoral task, government and all Afghans have a responsibility to work towards the prevention of the virus in the country, but all of these activities should be centered on the Ministry of Public Health and led by the Ministry.


Speaking at the Government Media and Information Center, he said: The message of the Afghan government's leadership to all government and non-governmental agencies is to assist the Ministry of Public Health if there is need.

"The coronavirus and its threats are serious and the only way to prevent them is to take major preventive measures under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health," said Mr. Omer.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Health, Ferozuddin Feroz, said that in the last 24 hours two positive cases of Corona virus have been recorded nationwide and the total number of positive cases has reached 42 cases.

Of these, 22 were in Herat, 4 in Samangan, 3 in Balkh, 3 in Logar, 2 in Kabul, 2 in Zabul, 2 in Farah and 2 in Kapisa, Daikundi 1, Kandahar 1and Badghis 1.

Two newly recorded cases; one related to Logar province and the second to a woman from Samangan province.

Emphasizing on ministry's instructions on prevention of Corona virus, The Minister of Public Health said: "If attention is not paid to the MoPH instructions and messages, it is predicted that about 80 percent of Afghans will be infected with Corona virus and about 700,000 will be hospitalized."

He said if there were still Buzkashi events, gatherings, weddings, people going outside for fun and public busses around the city, this prediction will become a reality.

The Minister of Public Health considered the situation in Herat serious and said that the meeting of the Emergency Committee to Fight Polio, held today under the leadership of the Second Vice President, decided to impose a day time curfew on Herat.

The meeting attended by National Security Council, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Committee for Public Awareness to prevent coronavirus outbreaks, decided to develop an implementation guideline for the curfew in Herat province until 02:00PM today's and send it to the President for approval.

He emphasized that the day time curfew will be implemented in Herat city tomorrow, otherwise the COVID19 cases in that province will increase day by day.

The Afghan Minister of Public Health said that Afghanistan enjoys a better state at the height of the spread of the Coronavirus compared to other countries.

He described this good situation as a golden opportunity to consider more efforts, better measures, gain widespread support and mobilize all government, political, social and health institutions to combat this disease.

Minister of Public Health, emphasizing that there is currently no lack of coordination in the fundamental measures to combat the Coronavirus, added: "all kind of support is available at all levels."

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