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Media has significant role in raising public awareness to prevent the spread of corona virus

02 Apr 2020 Government Media and Information Center

Office of Public and Strategic Affairs (OPSA) held a coordination meeting with the Media Heads at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC). In addition to media heads, representatives of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) also attended the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to call for media cooperation to raise public awareness about preventing the spread of corona virus and maintaining personal hygiene.

OPSA General Director Waheed Omer appreciated the continued media cooperation on raising public awareness about preventing corona virus and said: considering the increase in positive corona virus cases in recent days, the need for raising public awareness has also increased and media has a significant role in this regard.

Referring to new government measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus, Mr. Omer urged media heads to share their suggestions and recommendations for greater coordination to reduce the spread of the virus in the country.

Pledging that raising awareness on preventing corona virus is their duty; Media Heads shared their suggestions on a number of issues, including how to deliver health services to immigrants coming from Iran to Afghanistan; public fear of self-quarantine due of lack of awareness; the overcrowded shopping malls and Electronic Attendance System.

Highlighting the government measures on immigrants entering from Iran border, OPSA General Director on government actions regarding immigrants entering the Iranian border said health officials at the border are taking measures to quarantine corona virus suspects and provide them the required medical care.

He also said that a list of crowded places, including Mandwai markets, malls and business centers, has been prepared and measures would be taken soon to prevent gatherings in such centers.

Mr. Omer pointed the effective role of Ulema and mosques in raising awareness about the risks of the Corona virus outbreak, and said measures had been taken to increase the cooperation of religious scholars.

Furthermore General Director of OPSA said that a new decree was issued by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to establish a state committee on public relations aimed at preventing the spread of the Corona virus.

Based on the decree, Mr. Waheed Omer, General Director of OPSA heads the committee and has more than ten government organizations and ministries as members. The committee is obliged to collect and share all information about the corona virus outbreak on a daily basis.

According to the decree, officials at the Ministry of Public Health will share information about the corona virus with media through GMIC every day.

Earlier, in a video conference with the provincial governors, the President has stressed that holding ceremonies, including weddings and other crowded events which has risk of corona virus outbreaks, should be prevented until the disease is brought into control.

Mr. Omer also urged the media heads to disseminate their messages during the peak hours in order to have maximum the impact, and reduce political and electoral programs and instead dedicate the time to raising awareness about corona virus. He emphasized that the government has also done its part.

Meanwhile, Dewa Samad, MoPH Deputy Minster - Policy, said the suggestions on preventing the spread of Corona virus were reasonable and added that required measures are taken to reduce the risk of Corona virus transmission through people coming from Iran to Afghanistan. She also said MoPH has developed and released messages on raising awareness about the risk of corona virus, how to quarantine or isolate suspects and personal health measures.

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