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Five days and nights in a forest during irregular migration

06 Apr 2020 Salam Watandar

LASHKARGAH (SW) – Samir, a 27-year-old resident of Lashkar Gah, Helmand province, was a young man when he emigrated two years ago due to unemployment and poverty.

He wanted to go to Europe seeking a peaceful life, but was unaware that the path he had chosen had on offer the danger of death at every step.

Samir says that the smugglers, with their false promises, defined the deadly path of irregular migration for him in rosy words. He says he was deceived by the smuggler's remarks because he did not have a history of traveling on this deadly route.

According to Samir, the smugglers did not treat him and his companions humanely after the trip began. Although, Samir had immigrated to Turkey legally, he still saw death with his own eyes during the journey.

In Turkey, Samir and his companions were repeatedly caught among human traffickers and crossed through the mountains, plains and deserts hungry and thirsty.

Samir added that he spent five days and nights without food or water in a forest on the highway between Turkey and Bulgaria.

After arriving in Bulgaria, he says, he spent six months in a refugee camp, during which he became more concerned about his future. After six months, Samir was forced to return to Afghanistan.

Samir urges other young people to consider the consequences of such dangers before embarking on such a journey.

Meanwhile, Seyed Mohammad Ramin, director for refugees and repatriation in Helmand province, said the provincial administration has set up counseling service to prevent irregular migration of young people like Samir. He said that the officials of this department provide legal advice to individuals as well as in groups.

It is not only Samir who has been exploited by smugglers, but thousands of more youngsters like him have fallen prey to the false promises made to them about the dangerous journey.

Say no to irregular migration.


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