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Local factories to produce inexpensive Coronavirus protection gears

07 Apr 2020 Ariana News

Some factories are producing low prize masks and Coronavirus protective gears to contribute to the fight against the COVID19. Officials in these companies said that the high prices of sanitary gears in Afghanistan made them produce inexpensive gears for people. Following the rise in the prices of sanitizing products and masks in Afghanistan, some of the production factories have started to produce low price masks and anti-COVID19 kits. Gul Mohammad Quraishi, manager of a production company, said, “We saw that the Coronavirus is spreading in Afghanistan, and we thought to play our part of the responsibility and make anti-Coronavirus clothes and sell them at AFN250, as some of the companies have risen the prices.” A clothes manufacturing factory have also stopped producing clothes, instead, is producing more masks, so that people can buy them cheaper. Other companies sell the masks for around AFN40 each, while these companies sell them for less than AFN15 each. Samina Hafizi, manager of the Loora production factory, said, “Coronavirus came to Afghanistan and people are really worried. We try to produce Afghan masks and sell them cheaper. Previously, each mask was AFN10, but due to costly raw materials, we sell each mask for AFN13.” Strict restrictions have been imposed on movements in the capital Kabul and some other provinces. The Ministry of Public Health has also urged people to act responsibly and abide by the quarantine rules, or else, the situation will get worse. People, however, have taken neither the restrictions nor the Coronavirus seriously – they are inconsiderate and reckless.

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