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IED explosion destroys power pylon – Parwan

22 May 2020 Ariana News

A pylon of imported electricity was blown up with improvised explosives in Charikar, Parwan province. Parwan provincial spokesperson Wahida Shahkar said that early this morning, a tower of the imported electricity was blown up by unknown individuals in PD^1 Charikar, Parwan. She added that the blast was caused by improvised explosive devices (IED), adding that the police had taken two suspects into custody. According to her, the pylon has not been completely destroyed. Its reconstruction has been taken on, she added. Lately, infrastructures, be it electricity, bridges, roads, and/or other public service providers have become soft targets for insurgents. The imported electricity power plants and cables have been often targeted by hostile individuals and groups, causing millions of financial damage to the nation and the state. It does not stop there; employees and officials of the power and energy sector have also been targeted. Not long ago, the Parwan commercial deputy of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat lost his life to an insurgent attack, reportedly a mine blast, and 8 employees of the sector were wounded.

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