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Nearly 150 civilians killed in Taliban attacks during Ramadan: ONSC

23 May 2020 Ariana News

The Office of the National Security Council said that almost 150 civilians have been killed by the Taliban in the past month adding that 430 others have been injured. Unlike previous years and Ramadan months, the war was intensified this year between the Taliban and Afghan forces. The Afghan government announced that 523 civilians have died and 1,144 others have been injured since the violence reduction week ended. Javid Faisal, a spokesman for the ONSC said in a tweet that the Ramadan month alone was one of the deadliest months in which 146 civilians were killed and 436 others were wounded. طالبانو د خداى د امر او د هغه د بندګانو د غوښتنو خلاف د روژې مبارکي میاشتي په ۳۰ ورځو کي د هیواد په ۳۰ ولایتونو کي د افغان مسلمان قتل عام جاري وساتی او د ښځو او کوچنیانو په ګډون یې ۵۷۶ تنه ولسي افغانان شهیدان او زخمیان کړل. له دې ډلي ۱۴۶ یې شهیدان او پاته نور ۴۳۰ زخمیان دي. — Javid Faisal (@Javidfaisal) May 23, 2020 The Afghan government said that the Taliban are responsible for these attacks. However, the Taliban rejected the statements and said that the casualties of civilians during Ramadan by the Taliban fighters are false. The Independent Human Rights Commission expressed their concerns over the civilian casualties and called on for an end to them. More than 10,000 civilians have been killed or injured in the past two years alone, according to reports.

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