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AIHRC: ‘Afghan Migrants Drowned by Iranian Forces’

24 May 2020 Tolo News

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, citing the death of Afghan nationals on the border between Afghanistan and Iran, claimed that the migrants were “tortured” by Iranian border forces and were forced to cross the Harirod River and return to their country.

The Ibrahim Khani border base where the Afghan migrants were stopped is controlled by the Law Enforcement Force of Iran, the watchdog says.

The rights agency interviewed 18 survivors of the incident during its probe. Eight of them have said that a number of Afghan citizens were shot by Iranian border troops.

The commission insists on an investigation into the incident and says it should not be treated politically.

“They have claimed that they were threatened and were fired on by the border forces of Ibrahim Khani base and they have been asked to cross the border,” said Zabihullah Farhand, head of media office of the commission.

The report accuses the Iranian border forces of taking money and asking the Afghan workers to clean the areas around the bases. 

“Based on international law, perpetrators who violate human rights should be treated seriously so that such incidents are not repeated,” he said.

Meanwhile, one member of the government’s probe team, Sattar Hussaini, said their investigation has ended. 

“The government of Iran should apologize to Afghanistan, and all perpetrators, including border forces, should be put on trial,” said Hussaini.

The Iranian embassy in Kabul did not comment.

Kabul residents who spoke to TOLOnews demanded that the accused be put on trial.

“Why aren’t they tried? Why aren’t they interrogated?” asked Assadullah, a Kabul resident.

“Our countrymen were drowned in the river but what was their sin?” said Mohammad Qasim, a Kabul resident.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the investigation of the Afghan and Iranian teams ended inconclusively and that the matter would be taken up through "diplomatic channels."

In this incident, according to the ministry, 12 Afghan nationals were drowned in Harirord river, and at least 20 of them survived. Also, 17 of them are missing.

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