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Hundreds protest shutdown of sage man who touts virus cure

31 May 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: Hundreds of residents of Kabul, the capital city, have staged demonstrations against the blockage of the Afghan sage—Abdul Hakim Alokozai’s treatment centers, calling on the government to allow him distribute the medicine that can treat covid-19 patients. Alokozai’s office said that they have prepared medicine but the ministry of public health has forced them to halt its delivering to the city. The health ministry on Saturday had halted the activities of this herbal medicine center, saying it does not have a license and there is no precautionary measure to avoid the spread of the virus among the visitors. The ministry has put a research on the medicine made by Alokozai. He claimed that the medicine can treat the patients within 30 minutes by taking only three drops. However he denied giving details about the formation of the drugs. Recently, Alokozai said that around 300 covid19 infected patients have recovered after taking medicine made by him. He said that he had been working as a sage for more than 25 years. Deputy Minister of Public Health, Wahidullah Majroh told a news conference on Sunday that the ministry would not allow anyone to make the anti-covid-19 medicine without consultation with the ministry and observation of the medical process. The Afghan health officials said that at least 680 covid19 patients were registered by the medical centers across the country within the past 24 hours. Based on the new number, the total tally has reached to around 15,225 across the country.

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