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30 Blasts in Kabul in Over 2 Months

02 Jun 2020 Tolo News

Data collected by TOLOnews shows that 30 magnetic IED and roadside bomb blasts happened in Kabul between March 20 and May 31, leaving scores of people wounded and several dead, raising concerns about security in the capital city.

The data shows that four roadside blasts and two magnetic bomb explosions happened in Kabul between March 20 and April 20. The incidents left eight people wounded.

Gen. Sharmila Frogh, chairperson of the gender department at the National Directorate of Security, died in one of the incidents on March 31.

The following attacks happened in Kabul during Hamal solar month (March 20 to April 20):

•    March 22: Two roadside bomb blasts in PD19. Two wounded.

•    March 25: Magnetic IED blast in PD8, targeting a funeral of Sikh Afghans. One wounded.

•    March 30: Magnetic IED blast in PD9, targeting NDS members. One killed, three wounded.

•    April 12: Magnetic IED blast in PD11, targeting police vehicle. Two wounded.

“Security agencies are responsible to prevent such attacks and it is concerning for the people,” said Hamidullah, a Kabul resident.

“The security officials should make a greater effort to prevent such incidents,” said Abdul Qayum, a Kabul resident.

In the following Sawr Solar month (April 20 to May 20), Kabul witnessed 21 roadside and magnetic bomb blasts, leaving 18 wounded.

•    April 26: Four IED blasts in Mir Bacha Kot district, Kabul, targeting power pylons. No casualties.

•    April 29: Magnetic bomb blast in PD16, targeting a civilian vehicle. Three wounded.

•    May 3: Two IED blasts in PD17, targeting power pylons. No casualties.

•    May 4: Two IED blasts in PD17, targeting a vehicle of DABS workers. Eight wounded.

•    May 8: Two IED blasts in PD12, targeting power pylons. No casualties.

•    May 10: Magnetic IED blast in PD5. A government official wounded.

•    May 10: Magnetic IED blast in Hootkhail area in Kabul’s PD9. Target not clear. No casualties.

•    May 11: Four IED blasts in PD4, targeting an NDS general. Two wounded.

•    May 16: Magnetic IED blast in Taimani area in PD4, targeting a police vehicle. One wounded.

•    May 18: Roadside bomb blast in PD17 in Kotal-e-Khairkhana area. Target was a security forces vehicle. Two wounded.

•    May 18: Two IED blasts in PD11, targeting a police vehicle. Two wounded.

“There is somehow intelligence weaknesses and I think that the enemy has tried to conduct attacks with a different technique,” said Khan Agha Rezaee, head of the internal security commission of the Afghan parliament.

But in Jawza month (May 21 to now) onwards, four blasts have happened in Kabul.

Attack on Khorshid TV employees this week on Saturday left two dead and six others wounded.

•    May 30: Roadside bomb blast in PD4, targeting Khorshid TV employees. Two killed. Six wounded.

•    May 31: Magnetic IED blast in PD11, targeting a vehicle of Romanian citizens. No casualties.

•    May 31: Blast in PD11. Three wounded. Target unknown.

“At least 17 suspects were arrested on charges of planting mines in Kabul. Some of them were arrested during the planting of mines. Investigations are underway to find their networks and eliminate them,” Interior Affairs Ministry’s spokesman Tariq Arian said.

“There are big gaps in security agencies that have not been filled so far,” said Saleh Registani, a military affairs analyst. “I think the security plan should change.”

So far, those groups who have done the attacks is not clear, but the Ministry of Interior Affairs has said that police will make efforts to address security challenges in the city.

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