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Afghanistan to Resume Domestic, Intl Flights in a Week

17 Jun 2020 Tolo News

Afghanistan is expected to resume its domestic and international flights in a week's time with special precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday.

Based on a new international strategy, aviation companies will conduct their flights with special health safety measures such as regular disinfecting of airports and maintaining social distancing measures.

Based on the new strategy, the use of hand gloves and face masks are also mandatory.

“We are fully prepared for international flights, all necessary measures have been taken regarding this issue,” said Mohammad Qasim Wafayee Zada, the head of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority.

“The companies are resuming their operations gradually, but all countries will have their own safety measures during the flights once they begin it,” said Mahmoud Shah Habibi, the head of civil aviation companies.

This comes after all flights in the world were suspended four months ago due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, some foreign companies during this period conducted some flights to Afghanistan.

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