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Failure In MDG-UN Hoped Not To Be Repeated In SDG, President Ghani

13 Mar 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

In a ceremony inaugurating the Non-Governmental Organizations’ national conference, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said he hoped not to see the failure of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations repeated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a statement from the presidential Palace said Sunday.

The president at the threshold of the inaugural ceremony asked the non-governmental organizations for doing more for ensuing transparency, accountability, balance, quality, effectiveness, productiveness, equality and sustainability in their expenditures, said the statement.

“Spending of up to $850 million by the non-governmental organizations, in 2016 (1395) has turned them into our considerable partner,” said the president. The president thanked the non-governmental organizations for the effectiveness of their short-term, med-term and long-term activities and said that in the health area, what the Emergency Hospital is doing each day is the achievements of the non-governmental organizations in cooperation with the people of Afghanistan.

“The hospital has saved thousands of the Afghan’s lives and is appreciable. Likewise the French Hospital, which is funded by the Agha Khan Foundation has brought change in the lives of thousands of children and women,” the president added.

The president hoped the health centers donated by the non-governmental organizations to expand their operation in other provinces of the country, the statement quoted.

The president also appreciated other health organizations, including the Medicine Sands’ Frontiers who resumed activity in the northern Kunduz province, activities and national spirit of the Afghan Doctors Network in Europe, India and Iran, Demining Institutions and Seed of Hope institution as well as Zardozi and Nes-e-Dunya, which are working for supporting women, Swedish committee and Transparency Watch etc. for their hard work for the Afghan people.

Minister of Economy and Director of AKBAR also spoke at the ceremony and provided details about their activities and support to the people.

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