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Erdogan: Turkish Armies will move toward Manbij

17 Mar 2018 Yash News

Yash News Agency: Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Turkish army will move to Manbij, focusing on continuing the fight against terrorist groups. Mr. Erdogan on Friday (16th March) at the sixth provincial justice summit in Erzurum has said that the Afrin cleansing issue has been solved up to some instance and we have gotten control of the three-quarters of the region. Now we will expand our monitoring centers in Idlib, and will move toward Manbij. “If the United States really wants to cooperate with us in combating terrorism, we must begin by removing terrorists from the East of Euphrates. We will surely expel those terrorists from the areas that they have occupied,” He added. “We have hosted 3.5 million Syrian refugees since the past seven years, criticizing the European because you begged us not to open the borders, we did it on the basis of humanity, but you do not have a sense of humanity. Now take whatever decision you want. Your decisions are not valid, Erdogan with criticizes Parliament’s recent decision said. TagsAfrin America Erdogan Manbij

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