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Watchdog Condemns Targeted Killing of Civilians

04 Jul 2020 Tolo News

In a memorial ceremony for the two slain employees of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) held on Saturday, Shahrzad Akbar, the chairperson of the human rights commission raised deep concerns over what she described as the targeted killing of the civilians in the country.

“Unfortunately the level of civilian casualties in Afghanistan is still very high and it is unacceptable. The women and children constitute the main part of the casualties. One of the trends that we witnessed over the past few months is the targeted attacks on civilians--among them the religious scholars and the media workers as well as the employees of the Attorney General’s Office. There are attacks on civilians in the provinces, too. Any attack on civilian targets is not justifiable.,” said Shahrzad Akbar, the head of the AIHRC.

She described attacks on civilians a war crime.

“Civilians shouldn’t be the target of military wars. Attacks on human rights workers in a war situation is a war crime,” said Shahrzad Akbar, the head of the AIHRC. 

On June 27, two employees of the (AIHRC) were killed in an IED explosion that targeted their vehicle in Kabul this morning.

One of the victims was a woman who was serving as a legal adviser to the commission. Another victim was a driver.

The incident happened in PD12 of Kabul in the Pul-e-Charkhi area in the east of the city early on Saturday morning when the two employees were headed to their office.

 Fatima Khalil, 24, was a donor liaison officer at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Jawid Folad was a driver at the organization.

 “The human rights commission expects the responsible institutions to continue with an investigation into the tragic murder and share the outcomes of their investigation with the commission and their families to help serve justice, the commission also demands an investigation to be launched on all other incidents that targeted the civilians including attacks on religious scholars, employees of the attorney general and media workers as well as other socially important personalities," said Naeem Nazari, the deputy head of AIHRC.

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