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President pledges food aid to 90 percent of households in Afghanistan

08 Jul 2020 1TV News

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani pledged on Wednesday that the government will distribute food aid packages to 90 percent households in the country.

Addressing a gathering during a visit to central Kapisa province, Ghani said that the aid will be distributed initially in districts and then in cities.

“It will be the first time that the poorest people of Afghanistan will have sense of solidarity,” Ghani said. “$300 million will go directly into the pockets of the people.”

On peace, Ghani said that there is national consensus for peace. He said that a few individuals are “dreaming and think that if they form a government with the Taliban, no one would hang them. They should rethink.”

The president said that “integrating the Taliban into the Islamic establishment is our duty.”

Ghani said that it will be the Afghan people who will make the final decision about a peace settlement and that no one could impose anything on them by force.

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