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Entrepreneur Of The Month: Marghuba Safi

19 Jul 2020 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

Afghan female entrepreneur Marghuba Safi is the owner of Peshraft Zanan (which translates into women’s progress), Afghanistan’s first-ever producer of natural, organic skincare products. 

Established in 2016, Peshraft Zanan places the work of women at the very center of its identity and works to empower Afghan women socially and economically by providing job opportunities. 

All the products of Peshraft Zanan are handmade by Afghan women and locally labeled and packed. 

Peshraft Zanan produces soaps from natural oils (olive, coconut, almond, sunflower, corn, plan, beeswax) and top quality botanical products (cumin, saffron, lavender, turmeric, aloe vera, cucumber, marigold and rose). 

“The combination of these ingredients, the attention to the needs of the skin, the seriousness in offering effective solutions for the problems of beauty and skin health are at the heart of Peshraft Zanan,” says Marghuba Safi.  

Ms. Safi has a degree in Language and Literature from Kabul University and is passionate about women’s empowerment. She has a great talent in the field of designing skincare and cosmetic production. Her team consists of twenty people, male and female, including managers, producers, and farmers, who offer the plants and flower that go into the production of the skincare products. 

The leadership team of the company includes individuals from the field of medicine and with backgrounds in skincare production and research.

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