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Afghan VP on peace: The ball is now in Taliban and US's court

30 Jul 2020 1TV News

The ball of peace is now in the court of Taliban and international partners especially the United States, Afghanistan's Second Vice President Sarwar Danish said on Thursday.

In a message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Danish said that the government has all the possible obstacles to peace talks and has released 4,600 Taliban prisoners including those with criminal cases.

He said that the Taliban were abusing the government’s goodwill and were killing time as they stepped up violence and refused to enter into talks.

He said that the Taliban leader’s Eid message stressed on continuation of violence and suggested their feeling of victory and approaching the establishment of Islamic Emirate.

He, however, said that the republic, constitutional values and gains of the past two decades could not be traded away.

He warned that the historic opportunity for peace would be missed if Taliban continued to keep high level of violence.

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