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Clashes reported despite ceasefire, MoD reports

02 Aug 2020 Ariana News

Sunday, the third day of the ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban, has notched up several clashes in different parts of Afghanistan.  According to the Ministry of Defense, several clashes have been reported but investigations into the incidents are being carried out.  “Afghan security and defense forces have adhered to all the principles and rules of the ceasefire and remain committed to it. The Afghan people expect the same from the Taliban,” said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.  “A few incidents in a few provinces happened. We will assess these security incidents,” said  Aman. The ceasefire, announced by the Taliban, and reciprocated by the Afghan government, was for three days – from Friday to Sunday.  However, no indication has yet been made as to whether the truce will be extended.  But members of the public are calling on both parties to the war to extend the ceasefire until intra-Afghan negotiations begin.  “War is enough. We want a permanent ceasefire. People are tired of war,” said Del Agha, a Kabul resident. Meanwhile, Resolute Support has called on the Taliban and the government to continuously reduce violence in order to ensure lasting peace. Resolute Support stated in a tweet, “A permanent reduction in violence & negotiations must follow so Afghans can finally know lasting peace.” No official announcement has been made by either parties, but sources close to the Taliban said the group’s ceasefire is only for three days over Eid al-Adha. According to them, the group will pick up arms again after Eid.  This is the third official ceasefire to be declared between government forces and the Taliban in recent years.

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