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Lead recruiter for Daesh captured in Kunar

05 Aug 2020 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Defense announced to have captured Mohammad Saeed, lead recruiter for the Daesh terrorist group in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defense described him as one of the "cruel" and "important" commanders of Daesh, and said he was transporting foreign fighters and their families to Afghanistan. The deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Fawad Amaan said that the person in charge of transferring Daesh fighters to Afghanistan was arrested last night in Kunar province.

The accused is said to be one of the masterminds of the attack on Nangarhar Prison, the MoD said.

At around 6:45 pm on Sunday, a number of armed assailants attacked Nangarhar Prison, killing 29 people, including soldiers and civilians, and wounding at least 50 others.

The latest arrest comes three days after Zia-ur-Rehman, known as Assadullah Orakazi, the head of Daesh's Khorasan branch, was killed by the security forces. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said the Daesh’s intelligence chief had been killed in a complex and targeted operation by special security forces.

The NDS has not said anything about the time and place of his killing and described him as a resident of Orakzai Agency adding that Orakzai was in charge of communicating with the Khorasan branch of Daesh.

Assadullah Orakzai has been known as the "Daesh butcher" for his brutal killing of the group’s internal opponents.


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