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Loya Jirga Has No Authority to Release Remaining 400 Taliban Prisoners: Stanekzai

06 Aug 2020 The Killid Group

Jirga had no right to make a decision on the fate of remaining Taliban prisoners and it would only give advice to the government, Mr. Stanekzai said addressing a press conference. The remaining 400 Taliban prisoners were behind crimes with murder, corruption, kidnapping and drug trafficking as examples, Mr. Stanekzai said. Some of them were sentenced to death, he added. Salam Rahimi, acting head of the state ministry for peace, meanwhile said addressing to media that resurgence in violence could stem from any delay in the start of peace talks. He reiterated a need for the consultative gathering of elders and politicians, known as Consultative Loya Jirga. Earlier President Ghani said he has no authority to forgive those 400 Taliban who are behind crimes; instead, he will call a Loya Jirga to decide whether they should go free. The Taliban, however, voiced criticism over holding a Jirga, saying it cannot represent the people. “Convening such a Jirga before reaching comprehensive peace and political settlement can in no way be representative of the people or hold any legal status because the Kabul administration itself is illegitimate,” the Taliban statement added. “…it is imperative that all sides understand the need of this time and refrain from creating obstacles for the present opportunity,” Zabihullah Mujahed a spokesman for the group said in a statement. A Loya Jirga aiming to come up with a decision on the fate of 400 Taliban prisoners, accused of serious crimes, is set to be convened on Friday, August 07. The post Loya Jirga Has No Authority to Release Remaining 400 Taliban Prisoners: Stanekzai appeared first on The Killid Group.

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