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Four arrested in Kabul for allegedly duping dozens over visas

06 Aug 2020 1TV News

Four individuals, including head of a travel agency in Kabul, who allegedly duped people by promising them visas for Canada and European countries have been arrested.

The agency, which is headed by Burhan Arsh, is accused of duping dozens of people of thousands of dollars in collusion with a currency exchange company known as Mursal Sadat.

Police have shut down the exchange company.

Mohammad Tawab, a victim said that he had given $20,000 to Rawabit Bainul Milal travel agency nearly a year ago, but he didn’t get the visa that was promised.

He said that he asked the company to return the money, but it refused to do so.

Another victim said that he had given $60,000 to the company.

After receiving the money, the company used to promise to the clients that biometric registration and other relevant procedures would be done at Canadian mission in the United Arab Emirates. However, the company would do biometric registration at an ordinary company known as BFS Global.

The company used to promise to get visa for the clients within three months.

Jamshid Rasooli, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, said that four people were arrested in connection with the case and it was referred to the court.

He said that 30 people had complained about being duped by the company.

The defense lawyer of head of the company declined to make comment,

The company is located 200 meters from the presidential palace and the government has not shut it down yet.

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