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Murder Case Against Son of Ghani’s Adviser Not Pursued

06 Aug 2020 Tolo News

Nine months have passed since the son of Mohammad Almas Zahid and his bodyguards were charged with murdering an employee of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), but the Attorney General’s Office says that their cases have not been referred to the body for legal proceedings.

Mohammad Almas Zahid serves as a senior adviser to President Ashraf Ghani.

In reaction, a number of lawmakers in Afghanistan’s parliament have criticized the Ministry of Interior for failing to pursue cases involving strongmen and government officials.

Lawmakers said that the failure to apply the law to strongmen and government officials creates divisions among the government and the people.

“There are wayward people, in every city of Afghanistan such events take place and there is no one to implement the law, implementation of the law looks difficult,” said Khalid Assad, a member of parliament.

“There are strongmen who consider themselves above the law and it is very unfortunate,” said Abdul Sattar Hussaini, a member of parliament.

The NDS employee was named Khalid and he was killed after a verbal clash with Almas Zahid’s son.

Last year, Almas Zahid, while speaking to TOLOnews, pledged to hand over his son to the legal and judicial institutions if found guilty.

“We will find the one who is involved, he is in Parwan, he has not left for any other place, we will find him very soon, if the allegations are against my son, I am prepared to hand him over,” said Mohammad Almas Zahid during an interview with TOLOnews last year.

“When social justice is not implemented in the society in a true spirit, this can create negative impressions in the public mindset,” said Rohullah Sakhidad, a legal expert in Kabul.

“If a son of a poor family commits a murder, he will be arrested very soon and will be transferred to jail, but they are releasing the son of a powerful person,” said Ghulam Sakhi, a resident in Kabul.

The Ministry of Interior last year pledged to arrest the suspect.

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