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Ghani: The Taliban will be held ceasefire if their prisoners would be released

07 Aug 2020 Pasbanan

Coinciding with the official opening of the traditional Loya Jirga, President Ghani stressed that if 400 Taliban prisoners will be released from Afghan prisons, the Taliban would pledge to start inter-Afghan talks three days after the Loya Jirga ends and they will stop their violence. “The Taliban have agreed that if their 400 prisoners are released, they will start talks between Afghans and call a ceasefire,” Mr. Ghani said. “At the same time, the group has threatened the Afghan government to escalate their violence if Afghan government would not release these prisoners.” Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the National Reconciliation Council, which took over the leadership of the Consultative Jirga today, stressed that the Jirga members decision would fulfill the fate of Afghan citizens death or live and the future of the country depends on the real decision of the Afghan people’s representatives: “Today’s decision that will be made by the participants of the Jirga In fact, guarantee of our life and death and these decisions will determine the peaceful destiny of this land.” Mr. Abdullah Abdullah emphasizes that all the people of Afghanistan, the international community and the regional countries of the region have been created around the preservation of the republican system in the country and they will soon try to end the 40-year crisis in Afghanistan by identifying members of the Reconciliation Council. The Peace Consultative Jirga was held in Kabul today as some Jirga participants believe that any ransom owed to the Taliban is a national betrayal in the current situation in Afghanistan and that President Ghani is ransoming the Taliban. The post Ghani: The Taliban will be held ceasefire if their prisoners would be released appeared first on Pasbanan.

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