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Abdullah: The lives of Afghan citizens are tied to the decision of the Jirga

07 Aug 2020 Pasbanan

On the first day of the consultative Loya Jirga, for the release of 400 Taliban prisoners, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the National Reconciliation Council, said: “the loyal jirga will permit the Afghan citizens to share their views for releasing of Taliban prisoners. We did the same, and the release of Taliban prisoners will be decided by a majority of consensus in this Jirga.” Mr. Abdullah added: “The decision of the Jirga today and tomorrow will take the necessary action on the last part of the Conciliation Council. We are also committed to this issue and your decision is a good guide to ensure lasting peace in the country and your decision well decide the faith of Afghan citizens death and life.” The chairman of the Consulvative Loya Jirga stressed that some may think they will win through war, but this is a mistake. According to him, the country’s 40-year history has shown that no group can win through war. “Abdullah Abdullah described national unity as a guarantee of victory in the peace process, adding that the release of more than 5,000 Taliban prisoners was not an easy decision, but that it shows the will of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to ensure peace and stability in the country.” Mr. Abdullah expressed hope that obstacles to dialogue between Afghans would be removed and that the fire would be the main agenda item in the talks. However, after the release of 4,600 Taliban prisoners from government prisons, the fate of 400 prisoners in the group became unclear, and the Afghan government decided to hold a Loya Jirga to finally make the final decision regarding the release of these 400 prisoners. To take. The post Abdullah: The lives of Afghan citizens are tied to the decision of the Jirga appeared first on Pasbanan.

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