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US welcomed holding Peace Consultative Jirga

07 Aug 2020 Pasbanan

The US Embassy in Afghanistan has praised the peace consultative Jirga and the US officials has urged the government and the Taliban to end the violence and resume intra-Afghan talks between Afghan government and the Taliban, while praising the holding of a consultative meeting to release Taliban prisoners from Afghan prisons. The US Embassy in Kabul has called on members of the Loya Jirga to work for peace and national support for the process in Afghanistan. According to the US Embassy newsletter, US diplomats in Kabul has called on the Afghan government to release the remaining Taliban prisoners as soon as possible, and this issue is major obstacle for beginning of Intra-Afghan peace talks and holding a ceasefire in the country. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote on his Twitter page on Friday: “I applaud the participants in the Loya Jirga who have come together to strengthen the foundations of democracy and national support for peace in Afghanistan. After 40 years of war, bloodshed and destruction, the two sides are now ready to begin the political process as soon as possible. We hope that both sides can reach an agreement to end decades of violence in this land.” Mr Pompeo added: “We know that the release of these prisoners is not popular, but this difficult step will lead to important results. “What Afghans and friends of this land expect is a reduction in violence and the start of direct talks that will lead to a peace agreement and an end to war in the country.” The US embassy is calling for the release of 400 Taliban prisoners from Afghan prisons, which President Ghani says is a major threat to the country’s national security, and the reason for convening the advisory jirga is the decision of the country’s citizens on this national issue. The post US welcomed holding Peace Consultative Jirga appeared first on Pasbanan.

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