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Proposals of the chairmen of the Loya Jirga committees for the government

08 Aug 2020 Pasbanan

After two days of talks in the Loya Jirga, the Peace Consultative High Council of National Reconciliation announced today the end of the work of the committees. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, announced today at the Loya Jirga of the Peace Consultative Jirga the end of the work of 50 committees and said that all committee chairmen had submitted their views and suggestions for the release of 400 Taliban prisoners. The following are some of the recommendations and suggestions made by the chairpersons of the committees for the government and the High Council of National Reconciliation to consider in peace talks with the Taliban: – In order to achieve lasting and dignified peace, it is necessary for the parties to show the necessary flexibility; – Release 400 remaining Taliban prisoners so that there is no excuse to postpone peace talks; – The unconditional fire shall be established with the release of Taliban prisoners and the parties shall remain committed to it; – Peace talks should begin as soon as possible; – The formation of an all-inclusive national body for peace negotiations capable of defending the values ​​and achievements of the past 19 years; – Afghan-led peace talks should preferably be held in Afghanistan; – The countries involved in the Afghan issue should stop supporting the Taliban and not escalate tensions; – The Taliban should no longer carry out terrorist attacks in the name of ISIS; – Release prisoners on national and international bail so that they do not rejoin the battle line; – Guarantee the international community from the start and success of the talks and the establishment of lasting peace in Afghanistan; – Release the prisoners of the security forces of the country in order to prevent the weakening of their national spirit; – Decisively defend the republic and the achievements of the last 19 years in the peace negotiations; – Defending the constitution, especially the second chapter of the constitution and the democratic system in negotiations; – Protection of civil liberties and rights enshrined in the Constitution, especially the rights and freedoms of women; – Preserving freedom of speech and freedom of the press; – Sharing the progress of peace talks for the people of Afghanistan during the talks; – The government must obtain the consent of the families of war victims; – Involvement of all different sections of society, especially women and youth in the peace negotiating team; The negotiating team must have the full capacity and capacity for dialogue; – Peace agreements under the supervision and guarantee of the United Nations, major world and regional powers; The chairmen of the committees said: “All the members of the relevant committees emphasized that the people of Afghanistan have been sacrificing for years. War has taken a heavy toll on us. To achieve peace and stability and to end the devastating phenomenon of war, we agree to release Taliban prisoners, provided that the international community guarantees the success of the talks and the establishment of lasting peace. They added: “Agreeing to release Taliban prisoners does not mean forgiving their crimes.” No individual or institution has the right to do so. But achieving peace and stability in the country is a national priority and a public necessity. Therefore, in order to facilitate the success of the peace talks, it is necessary to pave the way for the start of negotiations. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council and Chairman of the Grand Peace Advisory Jirga, after submitting the report of the working committees, expressed his gratitude for the patience, comprehensive advice and constructive and comprehensive suggestions of the members of the Jirga and added: The High Council for National Reconciliation is very important and we will make great use of it in the negotiations. The Speaker of the Grand Peace Consultative Jirga expressed satisfaction with the successful completion of the working committees and said: “Afghanistan is at a critical and historic stage.” It is a great success to understand the sensitivity of the situation and to give your advice in the light of the current situation and with the national interest in mind. However, the conditions are not favorable. But what definitely guarantees our victory is our unity and unity. The Loya Jirga of the Peace Consultative Assembly started yesterday with the presence of 3,200 people from 34 provinces of the country, and the main focus of the Jirga was the release of 400 Taliban prisoners from prisons and the government’s major development programs. The post Proposals of the chairmen of the Loya Jirga committees for the government appeared first on Pasbanan.

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