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Khalilzad expects completion of prisoner releases in next few days

10 Aug 2020 1TV News

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad on Monday welcomed Afghan government's decision to release last 400 Taliban prisoners, hoping the process gets completed in the next few days.

“With these bold steps, after 40 years of war, a historic opportunity for peace is now possible; one that benefits all Afghans and contributes to regional stability and global security,” Khalilzad said on Twitter.

He expected that intra-Afghan negotiations will begin immediately in Doha.

“The parties will embark on a process to reach an agreement on a political roadmap & a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire to end the Afghan war,” the envoy said.

“As we have supported the Afghan people for the past 19 years, so do we now support Afghan men and women to achieve the sustainable peace for which they have long yearned,” Khalilzad added.

According to the envoy, the US seeks a sovereign, unified, and democratic Afghanistan that is at peace with itself and its neighbors and does not pose a threat to the world.  “Today, we are one step closer.”

The Taliban have said that they would enter into talks within a week if prisoner releases are completed.

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