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Afghanistan during COVID-19 Outbreak

11 Aug 2020 The Killid Group

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $("#feslider-17958").sliderPro({ width: 960, height: 500, responsive: true, imageScaleMode: 'cover', centerImage: true, allowScaleUp: true, arrows: true, fadeArrows: true, buttons: true, slideDistance: 10, fullScreen: false, autoplay: true, slideAnimationDuration: 700, fade: false, shuffle: false, orientation: 'horizontal', loop: true, waitForLayers: true, fadeFullScreen: true, }); }); #feslider-17958 { margin-bottom: 10px; } The Afghan-Japan Communicable Disease Hospital, one of the primary healthcare centers for COVID-19 patients in the capital, has recorded many deaths so far. Although the Afghan government has chosen specific places in the capital and provinces to bury the coronavirus victims, the relatives of the victims still prefer to bury the infected bodies wherever they want. There is no specific team for burying corpses, and the majority of undertakers dig graves without any sanctification or distinction between ordinary and coronavirus victim corpses without appropriate precautions, and in some cases they do not even know that they are burying a dead body infected with coronavirus. According to the official figures from the Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan has recorded 37,162 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1,328 related deaths. A significant number of Afghans, on the other hand, are self-quarantined in their homes because of limited testing and diagnoses centers. The post Afghanistan during COVID-19 Outbreak appeared first on The Killid Group.

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