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Nangarhar To Produce 150 Tons of Dates This Year

09 Sep 2020 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) reported that Nangarhar’s date yield increases every year, and this year it may reach about 50 tons.

In Nangarhar province, 80 acres of date orchards have been built so far, most of which have been built in Goshtapa and Sorkhord districts of Nangarhar province.

The Nangarhar Department of Agriculture said that 351 acres of new date orchards will be built in the province next year. The department added that out of 351 acres of new date orchards, 180 acres will be built by Wadi Nangarhar Agricultural Company.

According to Nangarhar Agriculture Department, suitable weather for dates nurturing in Nangarhar has increased products of this fruit in the province.

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