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Balkh protesters shut government office over higher power prices

15 Sep 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: Hundreds of people in the northern province of Balkh launched rallies to protest what they called “high price of electricity” calling for reduction of the price. They chanted slogan “We need electricity without discrimination” and shut the gate of provincial power department on Wednesday. They warned to cut the lines transmitting electricity from the neighboring Uzbekistan to Kabul if the central government did not meet their demands over reduction in power price. The protestors accused government of remaining silent when powerful individuals do not pay their electricity bills. Mirwais, one of protestors, said that he pays Afs 3,000 for electricity bill each month, while his monthly salary is only 6,000 Afs. Bawar Bamik and Nooria Najafizada, civil society activists say that the protestors have given one week deadline to government to revise electricity price, warning to continue civil moves if the government did not meet their demand. Hamidullah Hamid, head of provincial power department, said that President Ghani had approved the draft of reduction in power prices and it would be implemented soon.

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