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Taliban reject ‘foreign influence’ in peace talks

16 Sep 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: Taliban spokesman in Qatar said any foreign interference in Afghanistan peace talks must end and Afghans will have to resolve their domestic conflict on their own. Taliban’s spokesman Mohammad Naeem Wardak in a tweet said that no foreign country should interfere in peace negotiations and Afghans must resolve their issues themselves. “Taliban will allow no country to use Afghanistan as a battleground proxy to threaten security and stability of other countries,” he said. Our war is not for power and leverage, but for independence of the country from foreign occupation and reinstatement of an Islamic government, he added. Naeem Wardak reiterated Taliban’s commitment to their peace deal with the United States, asking Washington and its allies to also stay committed to their end of the deal. His statements appear to be aligned with recent remarks by a few other Taliban negotiators. One of the Taliban negotiators in Qatar has told CBS that the group will be an ally of the international community and act more responsible towards international laws.

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