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Two asteroids pass Earth safely within two hours of each other

17 Sep 2020 Ariana News

This week two asteroids, one the size of a bus and the other the size of a car, passed by the Earth safely, the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) announced on Wednesday.  According to CNEOS – a division of NASA – the close flybys happened within the space of just two hours on Monday. The first asteroid, a bus-sized space rock called 2020 RF3, flew by the Earth at a distance of 94,000 kilometers at 06:49GMT. About two hours later, the second rock, a car-sized asteroid called 2020 RD4, forged a similar path 106,000 kilometers from the Earth at 08:33GMT. Considering the distance between the moon and the Earth is 385,000 kilometers, the first asteroid was quite close to our planet. Every year, a large number of asteroids are dispersed into the interior of the solar system. Some of them could enter the Earth’s orbit.

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