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Army 'Will Not Allow' Setback to Republic's Gains: Khalid

17 Sep 2020 Tolo News

Asadullah Khalid, acting defense minister, speaking at the handover of four new A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft to the Afghan forces on Thursday, said that the Afghan army will not allow any deal that compromises the achievements of the past two decades.

“The aim of continuing the current war in the country is to defend the two decades' achievements," said Khalid, adding that “the enemy should stop thinking that it can collapse the Afghan army again on orders from Punjab (Pakistan)."

“We will defend the intra-Afghan negotiations but we will preserve all achievements,” said Khalid, “now the time is over that the women of Afghanistan--Afghan girls in the bazaar or streets or stadiums--are whipped.”

“Afghan women in the past two decades become pilots, doctors, teachers, ministers and deputies,” said Khalid, “we don’t want a setback.”

He also said that in the past two decades the country has seen a lot of development and the young generation has been educated. “Today Afghanistan’s flag has been raised" in over 100 countries, he said

He mentioned that Afghanistan has gained achievements in women's rights, free media and said “this is not something that the Afghan army will allow any deal to compromise."

Despite the ongoing talks in Doha, the fighting has increased, said Khalid, adding: “The enemies achieve nothing in their attacks, and just take casualties."

“The enemies continue their attacks and spill the people’s blood,” said Khalid. “Our aim is long-lasting peace in the country. The enemies must think that they can win the war.”

“We have a commitment with NATO that is long-lasting and continuous,” said Khalid, “in case one the day the NATO troops leave, we are ready and will defend the country."

“Our commitment to the world and to NATO will continue. Our war is against terrorism and Afghanistan is fighting on the frontline and we are giving sacrifices,” he said.

The US has delivered four new A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft to the Afghan forces.  

Khalid’s comment comes as the Taliban’s spokesman Mohammad Naeem in an interview with TOLOnews on Wednesday said that the group will not agree to a ceasefire unless the peace negotiators can discuss the main cause of the war in the country at the peace negotiating table.

He claimed that the Taliban has reduced the level of violence with the start of the preliminary round of the talks.

He also claimed that the Afghan government has not halted its offensive operations.

“It does not make sense to end 20 years of war in one hour. In our perspective, it will be logical to discuss the main aspects of the problems and the war and then finalize a ceasefire so that the problem is resolved permanently,” Naeem said.

“Suppose, if we announce a ceasefire today, but then we fail to reach an agreement at the negotiating table tomorrow, do we go toward the war again? What does this mean?” he said.

He said that the Taliban wants the establishment of an Islamic system in which the values of people of the country are reflected.

Five days have passed since the opening ceremony of the intra-Afghan talks between the delegation representing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban in Doha, capital of Qatar. But the two sides so far have not managed to finalize the procedures and methods for conducting the formal negotiations.

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