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MoD Press Briefing on Airstrikes in Dashte Arche District of Kunduz Province 03 April, 2018

03 Apr 2018 Government Media and Information Center

BG Radmanish also said that the MB530 targeted these Taliban through rocket launch first and then the Taliban fired bullets to the nearby civilians and killed these residents. He reiterated that the civilian injured people, who were referred to the hospitals, were shot with the bullets; however the Afghan defense forces did not have any bullet shootings during the operation which show that the Taliban killed the civilians after the MoD air operation in the area. BG Radmanish read the list of the killed Taliban as follows:1-    Mawlawi Baryal, Member of Peshawar Council2-    Mawlawi Aminullah, Taliban in-charge of electricity power3-    Omer, a Tajikistan national and a foreign terrorist4-    Serajuddin, an Uzbekistan national and a foreign terrorist5-    Mawlawi Abdulrahman, Commander of 30 fighters6-    Mawlawi Amdullah, Terrorist Commander 7-     Mawlawi Abdul Ghani, famous for Samangani, Terrorist Commandar8-    Farid famous for Mohammand, Commander of one of their units9-    Mawlawi Habibullah, Taliban Mufti10-    Mawlawi Hamidullah, Commander11-    Qari Juma Gul12-    Mawlawi Kabir, famous for Mubariz, Head of Amre ba Mahrof of Kunduz13-    Mawlawi Naser Mohammad, Director of Education14-    Mawlawi Zahidullah, member of the military commission of Taliban15-    Sayedullah, Commander16-    Qari Ghulam Hazrat Faizani, Head of a group17-    Mawlawi Islamuddin, a leader of Taliban18-    Abdulmalik, famous for Mukhlis, Taliban Commander in Baghlan

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