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MOJ press release - Anti-harassment against Women and Children Law and the Wedding Expenses Law

05 Apr 2018 Government Media and Information Center

According to this law, in the event of harassment in workplace, the victim or her legal representative can register a complaint to the respective women and children harassment committee. Moreover, victims of harassment themselves or their relatives can file a complaint to the administrative officer, the courts, provincial councils, districts councils or other relevant references. The authorities are required to record their complaint and deal with the case as per provisions in this law.According to the law, filed complaints shall be reviewed by the Anti-Harassment Committee of the respective government agencies without any delays. Review of complaints registered with other institutions will be conducted by the receiving entity. According to the recent statistics by the Ministry of Justice, in 1396 over 75 thousand people across the country received awareness on the prevention of harassment, prevention of violence against women and women’s financial rights. ###

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