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Over 200 families access electricity in Parwan

11 Apr 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Parwan – April 11, Over 200 families accessed imported electricity in Qala –e-Sorkh village relevant Jabal Saraj district of Parwan province.  Fazluddin Ayyar governor of Parwan, at the opening of substation power in Qala –e-Sorkh village of Jabal Saraj district, said and praised cooperation of people with the government on implementation of economic projects. He called on Afghanistan Security Forces to pay efforts for securing power station in Parwan province. Governor Ayyar stressed that with cooperation of people we can create further job opportunities and will approach development in Parwan. He asked provincial office of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, for ending all unfinished projects, during current year.Ahmad Naser Ahmadi, executive director of DABS in Parwan said: This project was one of among 24 unfinished projects in Parwan that is fortunately finished and inaugurated today. Over 200 families will access electricity through this project, and all other unfinished projects will be implemented till end of solar year 1397, he added.

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