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Emergency Loya Jirga, Historic Event In Afghanistan’s Political Chapter

14 Apr 2018 Bakhtar News Agency

Wednesday June 12, 2013

Kabul (BNA) The 21st Jawza coincides holding of the first emergency Loya Jirga in Afghanistan.

The grand assembly (Loya Jirga) establishment which is considered as an important event in the history of Afghanistan, because of its decisions makes the history of this country.

It’s a fact that Afghanistan has had held Jirgas since long years over different epoch of time by the different political administrations.

But, what gives preference to the emergency Loya Jirga that it wasn’t a political Jirga and emergency Loya Jirga was organized by the will of nation and it represented genuine aspirations of the people of this country.

The Jirga was attended by the people from all walks of life and holding of the Jirga took place on the bases of the first Bonn Conference on 21st Jawza 1381 that coincides June 11th 2002.

The emergency Loya Jirga ratified constitution of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan and this Grand National meeting ratified the national document in highly sensitive situations after Afghanistan had initiated it new political chapter in world arena.

However, some elements maintain some reservations over working procedures of the emergency Loya Jirga, but, the democratic environment which dominated over the Jirga had provided golden opportunity to the representatives of the people from all parts of the country to express their views and ideas over national issues including ratification of the constitution and form of the government and leader of the country.

The Jirga provided representatives of the people the most suitable venue to express their views with regard to the political future of the country under a democratic scenario and circumstance so that Jirga members be able to ensure formation of a genuine government on the bases of aspirations of the oppressed people of Afghanistan who had tragically suffered over lasting years of imposed war and instability.

The emergency Loya Jirga laid the foundation stone of a democratic government formed on the bases of democracy and people’s votes.

The move not only brought Afghanistan out of conflicts and crisis, but, it also moved the war-battered country towards state of social and political order and stability and the Jirga also supported Afghanistan to step on the right track towards democracy where people by casting their ballots decide on future of their country.

Eleven years have been passed since government of Afghanistan had attained its legitimacy from the emergency Loya Jirga and in some extent the government succeeded to accomplish it responsibilities effectively and efficiently the jobs which Jirga members have assigned to them.

Following formation of the interim, administration in 2001, Afghanistan despite major socioeconomic challenges opened the doors of opportunities and development to its people and the country obtained major growth in various fields mainly education, telecommunication, information technology, banking, heath services, economy, investment, establishment of dozens of private universities and higher education institutions, renovation and reconstruction of basic infrastructures, mining, freedom of press, expansion of audiovisual and print media outlets and rest of the social fields.

Despite the upper attainments Afghanistan still copes with some challenges including poverty, unemployment, economic recessions, insecurity and shelter.

In-fact, holding of emergency Loya Jirga considered an important event in the political history of Afghanistan as it paved the way to the country to move towards democracy and the and the same Jirga supported the people of Afghanistan to nominate their leader with their votes.


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