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Literal & Cultural Works of Ustad Haidari Wojudi Appreciated

15 Apr 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

Cultural and literal services of Ustad Ghulam Haidar Haidari Wojudi, poet and known writer of the country, were appreciated by ministry of information and culture and other cultural organizations and he was granted with appreciation certificate.

In a ceremony held Wednesday on this occasion, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Fazil Sancharaki spoke and said Ustad Haidari Wajudi has had good works in Islamic field, cultural and literature and lots of youth have acquainted with spirituality of Ustad Haidari.

Considering Ustad Wojudi as owner of vision in the field of culture and literature, deputy minister of publication affairs added his personality was not limited to a particular geography, saying that Ustad Wojudi has been always in service of culture in the country.

Receiving certificate of appreciation, Ustad Haidari Wojudi praising the leading body of MoIC for holding the ceremony.

He criticized on shortcomings in cultural section in the country, adding that it was the responsibility of each human to protect the country’s culture.

It is worth mentioning that Ustad Wojudi was born in 1939 in Panjshir and has written 14 books and dozens of articles so far.

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