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Afghan, Pakistani forces clash near Durand Line, several casualties

15 Apr 2018 1TV News

Clash erupted between Afghan and Pakistani forces near Durand Line on Sunday morning, leaving at least five dead, an Afghan official said.

The battle happened after Pakistani forces attempted to seize a checkpoint of Afghan border guards in Zazai Maidan district of Khost province, Basir Khan, a spokesman for provincial police, told 1TV.

Local people also rose up to counter the aggression, the official said.

He said that three dead bodies of Pakistani forces were lying in the area.One Pakistani was arrested.

The clash also left an Afghan border guard and a civilian dead and two people injured, the official said.

The battle was ongoing more than four hours after it began. Basir Khan said that the Pakistani forces were retreating.

This is not the first time that the Afghan and Pakistani forces engage in deadly battle.

In May last year, dozens were reported killed as the sides exchanged fire for several hours.

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