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ISIS forces two young boys to help execute captured Afghans

15 Apr 2018 Daily Mail Online

Islamic State's bloodthirsty offshoot in Afghanistan has released distressing pictures of primary school age kids taking part in an execution.ISIS leaders in the Middle East have a long and appalling history of allowing small children to execute captives.But with the collapse of the regime's self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria, the group's propaganda arm is chronicling atrocities carried out by Islamic State's fighters in Khorasan Province – known as IS-KP

Two young boys from ISIS's Afghanistan offshoot have been photographed helping to execute what the terror group claimed was captured soldiers and a spy

The images show the captives being marched into a clearing the woods by the boys, who are armed with handguns, and an older fighter with a rifleThe images show the stooping men being marched through woods by the neck by the small boys.The pictures then capture three kneeling prisoners dressed in orange boiler suits in the wooded area of the province close to the Pakistan border controlled by the group.Behind them stand two heavily armed fighters who are flanked by two tiny boys – who appear to be around seven.





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The youngsters stare intently ahead and both have handguns and holsters strapped across the small frames.Another image reveals a leader on horseback watching over the grim proceedings.IS-KP said the victims were two captured Afghan government soldiers and a spy and the killings took place in Nangarhar in the north east of the country.The group's numbers are being swelled by battle-hardened fighters travelling to the area from the Middle East.

ISIS has been forced to relocate its propaganda operation from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan following the collapse of its so-called CaliphateA number of Algerian and French nationals entered the largely ISIS-controlled district of Darzab in northern Jowzjan province in November, said district governor Baaz Mohammad Dawar.At least two women were among the arrivals, who were travelling with a translator from Tajikistan as well as Chechens and Uzbeks, Dawar added.European and Afghan security sources in Kabul confirmed Dawar's claim that French citizens were among the fighters.Three of the Algerians seen in Darzab are believed to have been in Syria and Iraq, Dawar said.When it first emerged in 2015, IS-KP overran large parts of eastern Nangarhar and Kunar provinces.The jihadists have since spread north, including in Jowzjan on the border with Uzbekistan, and carried out multiple devastating attacks in the capital Kabul.Mohammad Raza Ghafoori, the Jowzjan provincial governor's spokesman, said French-speaking Caucasian men and women had been seen training IS-KP fighters in Darzab.He cited reports saying that around 50 children, some as young as 10, have also been recruited by the fighters.

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