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Turkish private sector ready to invest in Afghanistan

16 Apr 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received yesterday Turkish private sector delegation led by Fateh Matin, the country deputy minister of economy, at Salam Khan palace in Kabul.

Turkish deputy minister of economy said that they would meet with a number of members of Afghanistan cabinet and private sector to jointly find better ways for investment in Afghanistan.

In the meeting, investment opportunities and investment of Turkish companies in Afghanistan were discussed. President Ghani while stressing on further expansion of relations particularly in trade and investment said Turkey has successful experiences in this regard and can be beneficial for further expansion of relations between the two countries.

“There are lots of opportunities of investment in energy, producing electronic utensils for energy sector, telecommunication, optic fiber, processing and packaging agriculture products and establishment of cold stores, producing cement, textile and health sector in Afghanistan,” President Ghani said, adding that Afghanistan government is providing necessary facilitations for convincing investment based on present policies in this sector and ready to pave the way for the use of economic zone.  The country’s President further said that Afghanistan government was interested in investment and partnership in public and private sectors, adding that experiences of the Turkish and Afghan companies can have effective activities in this regard. He considered experiences of Turkey as well as investment in infrastructure and transport sector as significant and effective.

Afterwards, the Turkey deputy minister of economy said that the country’s private sector was ready to invest in various fields in Afghanistan.

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