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Daily life in Afghanistan is beset by fear and grief

16 Apr 2018 TRT World

War has been the norm in Afghanistan for decades. And the civilian death toll continues to climb, even as the government and its allies now face a resurgent Taliban. The UN says 10,000 people, most of them civilians, are killed or injured every year.

Children near their home on a hilltop overlooking Kabul, Afghanistan, March 14, 2018.




A bombing in Kabul in May, 2017 killed more than 150 people. It happened in the high-security diplomatic zone. And that kind of violence has been the norm for many people, not only in the capital city, but across much of the country for decades.Soviet occupation, the US-backed mujahidin war against the Moscow-backed government at the time, and now 17 years of the Taliban and their allies targeting the government and their backers  – militants have struck civilian targets time and again with ease.The current government says it's is doing all it can to bring peace, including inviting the Taliban to talks without preconditions.But for many Afghans, their hopes of ever having a war-free life are fading.TRT World's Hasan Abdullah has this story from Kabul.

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