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Swedish woman raped and sexually assaulted by Afghan migrant teens

25 Apr 2018 Daily Mail Online

A Swedish woman in her 40s was brutally raped by an Afghan teenager while another migrant man molested her, a court has heard. Anwar Hassani and Fardi Hesari, both 18, met the victim outside a hotel bar in Ljungby, southern Sweden, in the early hours of Boxing Day last year.The victim later told police she took an interest in the teenagers, having been told they were migrants from Afganistan.She explained that she had been a member of a Facebook group which campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden.

Assault: The woman, in her 40s, went back with the teens to Fardi Hesari's accommodation provided for unaccompanied minor refugees, pictured, in the early hours of Boxing Day, where Anwar Hassani raped her and Hesari molested herIn a police interview she said that 'when others have thought that they [migrants] should go home again, she has opposed that'. The two Afghan teens asked the victim if she wanted to come back to theirs to continue drinking, and the trio arrived at Hesari's home, a room provided for unaccompanied minor refugees, at just before 3.30am.






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After smoking a few cigarettes with the pair, the woman said she tripped and hit her head and laid down on a mattress on the floor, feeling dizzy.She said Hassani started touching her body, and she pushed him away saying 'I don't want to, I don't want to', but that he then laid on top of her and pulled her jeans down.Hassani told her to 'be quiet' several times, and began raping her despite her screaming in protest. She said Hassani asked her why she had followed them back if she did not want to have sex with them.Hesari later told police during interrogations that Hassani had turned to him and said in Farsi; 'aren't you going to rape?' 

Rape: The woman had met the two teenagers outside a hotel bar in Ljungby, SwedenHesari, who had been lying on the bed next to them, climbed down onto the mattress and began groping her breasts while masturbating.The victim told police that as she felt Hesari masturbating next to her, Hassani suddenly penetrated her anally causing her 'excruciating pain'.She claims her screams caused Hassani to stop and that the two teenagers helped put some of her clothes back on before she was able to grab her jacket and boots and 'run out of there'.According to the victim, Hassani ran after her and 'offered to take her to dinner', but she walked off and called an ambulance.Witnesses, including medical staff at Växjö Hospital where she arrived shortly before 7am on Boxing Day described the victim as 'very shocked' and 'in acute state of crisis'.The victim said she had been struggling to sleep and suffered other mental health issues following the rape.  Växjö District Court found Hassani guilty of rape and sentenced him to 15 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay the victim 134,990SEK (£11,326) in compensation.After time served, Hassani will be deported and banned from returning to Sweden for ten years.Hesari, who admitted to sexual molestation, was handed a three-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay 23,990SEK (£2,013) in compensation. 

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